Be Wary Of What Your ‘Friend’ Is Not Telling You

By David M. Kennedy | April 30, 2017

It is said that ‘silence is golden.’ In most instances, silence is a right belonging to him whose lips are sealed. On the other hand, silence is a fraud that can land one in court. A lawsuit was filed this week…

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How About a Baby in a Box?

By David M. Kennedy | April 28, 2017

It was Christmas of 1975 when a boy-genius came up with a gimmick to try and make a quick buck: the Pet Rock. It was all the crave for about six months, but before its demise, the Pet Rock guy had raked in…

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Killer Trucks Without Drivers. Really?

By David M. Kennedy | March 3, 2017

Killer Trucks I have a close friend that dreamed of wheeling a ‘big rig’ semi-truck as a career. According to a recent report in USA Today, he may soon be dreaming in the bunk while the truck drives itself down our…

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U.S. Traffic Deaths Rising

By james | February 16, 2017

Traffic Deaths Despite the advancements in automobile technology, the number of Americans dying on roads and highways has increased dramatically. According to the estimates released by the National Safety Council, 40,200 people died in accidents involving motor vehicles in 2016—a 6…

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Guest Blog by James Shupp

By james | January 4, 2017

David, thank you for allowing me to write a guest blog for your new website. It’s been a privilege knowing you and your family over the last twenty years. I wish you the very best and know that your clients will…

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