Product Liability: Holding Manufacturers Accountable

A notepad with the words Free Consultation written down to describe product liability lawsuits

Introduction Every day, consumers rely on a wide range of products, from household appliances to automobiles, to improve their quality of life. We trust that these products are safe to use, but unfortunately, not all products meet the necessary safety standards. When a defective product causes harm, it can lead to devastating injuries or even…

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Understanding Whiplash: Navigating Injury Claims with Expert Personal Injury Attorneys

An image of whiplash injury featuring a dummy impacting an airbag in a crash test

Whiplash is a common injury that often occurs in car accidents, but its impact on victims can be significant and lasting. If you’ve experienced whiplash due to someone else’s negligence, it’s essential to understand your rights and the legal steps involved in seeking compensation. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of whiplash injuries,…

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Did Someone Breach My Contract?

You thought you had a deal, but if you did, why do you have nothing to show for it? As a lawyer who has tried many contract lawsuits, I get asked the question quite often as to whether a contract was made, and if it was, was it breached? Well, let’s look at the basics.…

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How About a Baby in a Box?

It was Christmas of 1975 when a boy-genius came up with a gimmick to try and make a quick buck: the Pet Rock. It was all the crave for about six months, but before its demise, the Pet Rock guy had raked in over 4 million dollars. Well it’s not Christmas season and this idea was actually…

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Guest Blog by James Shupp

David, thank you for allowing me to write a guest blog for your new website. It’s been a privilege knowing you and your family over the last twenty years. I wish you the very best and know that your clients will be well served by your legal expertise and professionalism. One of the memories for…

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